A Court of Wings and Ruin Crackpot Theories!

With A Court of Wings and Ruin being released in two weeks, fans are gearing up for the finale book to Sarah J. Maas’s well-loved A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. But is it really the end? We know there will be three more books released in this world – but are they part of this series or companion novels? If you know please be sure to let me know in the comments! Today I’m here to talk about some theories that I have for this 699 page monster of a book. Some of these theories will be totally crazy, but some may be plausible. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

*Spoiler warning for those who have not read A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury*

1. Feyre’s mom is alive

Okay, this one is my absolute favorite. I heard of this one before I started my reread of the series, but as I was rereading the pieces definitely fell together for me. My money is on the fact that she is the sixth mortal queen. As much as I hate those bitches, something really sketchy is going on. My first hint is during the first meeting with mortal queens. On page 383 of A Court of Mist and Fury,  the eldest mortal queen says that the sixth queen is unwell and could not make the journey. This is suspicious in itself, because the mortal queens do get generous help from the fae in Prythian. Surely they have some sort of magic that prevents them from being ill. We also know that Sarah J. Maas is the queen of foreshadowing, so it is very, very possible that this will become important. The second, and most obvious hint is later in the book. On page 555 of A Court of Mist and Fury the Inner Circle meets with two of the mortal queens. If you remember, the youngest queen leaves their half of the book under her dress along with a note that reads:

I read your letter. About the woman you love. I believe you. And I believe in peace.
I believe in a better world.
If anyone asks, you stole this during the meeting.
Do not trust the others. The sixth queen was not ill.

This note literally exposes the sixth queen. So we know that she is sketchy, but just how sketchy and who is still up in the air. I really believe that this queen could be Feyre’s mother, and the reason she didn’t come is because she didn’t want Feyre to know. From stories that Feyre has told Tamlin and Rhysand, we can piece together that her mother loved parties, extravagant things, and social status. Her lifestyle just matches so perfectly to that of the mortal queens that the connection was to obvious to pass up.

2. The wall is coming down

Tiiiimber! This wall has got to go. There is so much riding on this wall remaining intact, that I would honestly be a little disappointed if this didn’t happen. If there is going to be a war (which, come on, there HAS to be war), it will be the Humans and the Fae of Prythian against Hybern. The only way to unite the Humans and Fae is for the wall to come down.

3. Ianthe is pregnant with Tamlin’s child

This one is also one of my favorites. In one interview or post, Sarah J. Maas did say that Calanmai occurred during A Court of Mist and Fury while Feyre and Rhysand were *busy* in the House of Mist. If Feyre was not present in the Spring Court, Tamlin had to choose someone else to “create” magic with. We also know that Ianthe is craving for a male with power, and using her sexuality to do so (This is by no means a wrong thing, you have to do what you have to do right? Ianthe is frequently slut-shamed which I don’t think is appropriate – the wrong doing is occurring when she doesn’t know where to draw the line, not when she opens up to males in powerful positions). It makes a lot of sense that Tamlin would have chosen Ianthe in that moment of vulnerability during Calanmai, and knowing Ianthe and her motives, she was probably not taking a tonic (or whatever the fae call birth control methods). One of the last lines of A court of Mist and Fury, Tamlin says “I… need to find Ianthe. And make some things very, very clear.” Maybe he is not only referring to her treatment of Feyre, but also her child. I think this would actually be a really interesting story line to read about. If Tamlin is killed instead of redeemed in this book, then he would have a suitable heir to the spring court.

4. Lucien will become High Lord of the Autumn Court

I really really, really, really, want this one to happen. Imagine the look on Lucien’s brothers’ faces when they realize Lucien is the real heir to the Autumn Court. In order for this to happen, of course, Lucien’s father needs to – well – die. I am happy okay with this particular death. If I’m not mistaken, the heir to a High Lord is able to be identified as his/her power begins to manifest (as happened with both Rhysand and Tamlin). In the Autumn Court, they do not know who is to become the next High Lord. This is the reason why all the brothers are violent and brutal. Maybe the reason no one has identified the next High Lord of the Autumn Court is because he is not actually present in the Court to be identified in the first place. All signs point to Lucien being the true heir of the Autumn Court. Now, say he does become the new High Lord. His court is directly across from none other than the Summer Court. Lucien and Tarquin can bond of their ideas for a new world and form an alliance with each other. This is extremely helpful for the Inner Circle, once Tarquin forgives them (he just has to, right?). I believe Lucien is a character that 100% deserves redemption and growth, which I would love to see play out across this story line.

5. Feyre will lose her immortality.

This one is a bit far out there, but it deserves to be explained and pondered. There is about one sign pointing to this being true. When Feyre obtains the Book of Breathings (is that even what it’s called? honestly I don’t really know anything anymore) it “speaks” to her. We know one of the lines to be along the line of: made and unmade, that is the cycle. Maybe, just maybe, this is referring to Feyre’s immortality. We know she was gifted her immortality by the seven High Lords of Prythian after Amarantha snapped her neck. So in this case, she is considered “made” by the seven High Lords. Maybe, to either win the war or stop the cauldron, Feyre has to sacrifice her immortality. If this were to happen, she could be considered “unmade,” thus completing the cycle. I really, really hope this does not happen because then what the hell is Rhysand going to do without her?

6. Amren

Honestly, I have no idea what Amren is. I have been throwing some ideas around that I’ve read from various blog posts or heard from friends, so I will share those. One idea is that Amren is a dragon. I have no evidence for this, but no evidence against it either. The only bit of knowledge that could refute this is that Amren’s power is more of a mental power than a physical power, as seen at the attack on Velaris. Other people believe she is linked to the ancient star spirits that make their yearly migration on starfall. The third, most bizarre (but the most fun, and the one I hope it really is), is that Amren is actually from the Throne of Glass world. (ToG Spoilers ahead) This could be really interesting to see play out across the two series that Sarah did once mention took place in the same universe. Amren is seen as a Vaulg by many of these believers. Whatever she is, I just hope she gets to return home – safe, content, and happy.

Other Predictions:

  • Feyre’s father will play a role in the wall coming down, or just play a role in general (and if he doesn’t, then he is officially the sketch-master).
  • Someone in the Inner Circle (or close to us) is going to die or become severely injured.
  • Drakon and Miriam are going to return for this war and Mor and Miriam are going to be #bestfriendgoals.
  • One of the Illyrian Boys is going to lose his wings.


And that wraps up 7+ of my favorite theories for ACOWAR! Please let me know your theories in the comments, so we can fangirl together. I hope you all had a great time reading this, and I hope I’ve inspired you to jot down some of your own theories. If you have a blog post, instagram post or video with your own theories, please leave me a link below as well!

Happy reading,



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