The Hamilton Book Tag

i wasn’t exactly tagged to do the hamilton tag but i’m just gonna do it anyways because hamilton is absolutely amazing. i recently started listening to hamilton (at the beginning of april i think) and it has CONSUMED MY LIFE. if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack i 100,000,000% recommend it because it’s amazing, catchy music yes, but it’s also extremely interesting to learn about.

hamilton gif

> the room where it happens: book world you would put yourself in

for this one, i have to go with good ‘ol harry potter, because who wouldn’t want to go to a fantastic wizarding school and be able to do magic? i mean, there is the downside of you-know-who but harry can take care of that.



> the schuyler sisters: underrated female character

this one may seem a little weird, but to me an underrated female character would have to be emma carstairs from the dark artifices. i know, i know, she’s the main character in the books and we hear a lot from her, but i do sort of feel like she got trampled by the blackthorn family. she never seemed to think that she belonged with them, and i feel like shes sort of underrated because of that (christina is also extremely underrated and my favorite character in the book)



> my shot: a character that goes after what they want and doesn’t let anything stop them

alright im going with another lady midnight character here, because who better than julian blackthorn himself. he will literally do ANYTHING for his family and lets NOTHING stop him (e.g. saving arthur by throwing nightshade under the bus). he’s just such a devious kid.



> stay alive: a character you wish was still alive

this is a little weird but when this person died it ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME. i’ll give you a little hint and say that they were from the shadowhunter acadamy, but i won’t say cause i hate spoilers.  honestly i think i cried when he died and i usually don’t cry when i’m reading. i mean, he wasnt even a main character, but it RIPPED MY HEART OUT AND THREW IT ACROSS THE ROOM. damn you cassie clare, damn you.



> burn: the most heartbreaking end to a relationship you’ve ever read

hmmm, i think im going to have to go with lady midnight again just because… the last chapter if you know what i mean. leave it to cassandra clare to add that last little line in the end of the book, just to rip our hearts out. “why lie” just the way that it ended, and how emma thinks its best but julian has no idea. it’s just so frusturating and it made me want to throw my book across my room.



> you’ll be back: sassiest villain

this one goes to Warner from the shatter me series (I actually didn’t finish the series) he’s just so sassy and great I love it. also probably draco malfoy, because he is just the master of sass, but i’m not sure if he’s really considered a villain.



> the reynolds pamphlet: a book with a twist that you didn’t see coming

this ones easy… NOVEMBER 9 by colleen hoover! I won’t give anything away, but let’s just say it ruined me forever. i have yet to read colleen’s other books, but i’ve heard that they are all heart-wrenching and unpredictable.



> non-stop: a series you marathoned

i probably marathoned the mortal instrument series. i think i bought the first three books at barnes and noble, and immediately bought the next three on amazon after i finished city of bones and then read the rest of the books in like a week or so.



> satisfied: favorite book with multiple pov’s

oh gosh i’m not sure. i adore books that are written in multiple pov’s. i think my favorite would be the burn for burn trilogy by siobhan vivian and jenny han which was so good if you like dramatic books and cliffhangers.



> who lives, who dies, who tells your story: a book/series you feel like will be remembered through history

this one definitely goes to harry potter which i hope is still touching hearts today. it’s such a great series and the writing is absolutely amazing because it’s written by the queen herself, j.k. rowling.


so that is it for the hamilton book tag 🙂 i really hope you guys liked it! if you haven’t given hamilton a listen yet, i would recommend that you go listen to it straight away because it is life consuming changing.





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